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What you should do if your dog is choking

The sight of your best furry friend choking in front of you is a prospect that likely strikes panic into the hearts of dog owners everywhere, especially those whose pets are prone to chewing on absolutely everything they can get their paws on.

Rather than descend into a state of sheer panic, learning how to perform a Heimlich manoeuvre  on your dog could help clear their windpipe safely and swiftly when blocked.


it’s essential that you make the distinction between whether your dog is choking or simply has a cough.

When coughing, your pet should still be able to inhale sufficiently.

It is recommended performing a Heimlich manoeuvre or a finger sweep of the mouth if the animal is unconscious.

However, if your dog is awake, you need to exercise your judgement when debating whether it’s wise to place your fingers in its mouth or not.

When in doubt, seeking your vet’s professional advice in advance is the safest course of action.


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