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Christmas Dog Stockings & Presents

We did some research at our new the It’s A Dog’s Life Lab, it turns out that many families with dogs hang stockings for them on Christmas Eve or lovingly place a present for them under the tree. 
Our canine boffins surveyed a number of families and the findings were amazing.
Not only are pet families stocking up on dog Christmas stocking stuffed full of treats. 
But 95 percent are giving their furry friends real luxury Christmas presents, including beds, toys and canine bling.
We know that plenty of people celebrate their dog's birthday each year. We love to offer them a bone shaped birthday cake at the very least. But why are so many pet owners hanging their dogs Christmas stocking and putting their meticulously wrapped presents under the tree we asked.
We think its because dog people are just that little bit crazy, but with that crazy comes pure unconditional love for their dogs.


We asked a survey of 100 dog owners, three questions.
  • 24 percent admitted to sleeping with the dog on the bed.
  • 39 percent admitted to sharing more pictures online of their dog than of friends and family
  • 64 percent would consider ending a relationship if their dog didn’t like their new partner.
Here is what else crazy dog people do for their dogs at Christmas.
They spend about £36 on average on dog gifts. 
However, some people have been known to spend literally £100’s.
"Our pets love us unconditionally, so it's no surprise many pet parents treat their dogs like another member of the family.
On the flip side I know I've been guilty of giving a card from my dog or a Christmas gift from my dog to another family member. Are you guilty of the same?
Here I have some additional fun info about how we crazy dog people treat our dogs at the holidays


Turns out that 85 percent of us giving our dog a holiday present will wrap that gift in holiday-themed wrapping paper. Without opposable thumbs, I'm wondering, how do the dogs unwrap the gift? Yes, I realize that we actually do the unwrapping for them, but it is funny to imagine how a dog might go about doing this task. With their mouth, of course!
But seriously I know that whenever we've bought our dogs a Christmas present and then put it under the tree, they can always sniff out which package is theirs. How do they do that? I mean gifts are not always dog treats so I don't believe they have a discernible scent to them. Or do they?
One survey I read said that 80 percent of dog people report that their dog has destroyed at least one Christmas present under the tree. Hmmm. Maybe I should rethinking putting out those presents ahead of time and just stick to hanging a dog Christmas stocking high enough, of course, so that they can't grab that off the mantelpiece!

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